HIIC BUILDERS LLC is actively involved in the vibrant New York Real Estate Market. We have been operating in the industry since 1996, bringing extensive experience to the table. Our firm takes pride in its family-oriented approach, with a partnership consisting of a father, son, and brother team. Starting from owning multi-family mixed-use and commercial properties, we have expanded our portfolio to include numerous fix and flip projects, as well as ground-up residential and commercial developments. What sets us apart is that we hold an NYC General Contractor License, enabling us to handle all aspects of construction in-house.

In addition to our prowess in fixing, holding, and development, our managing partners, Roman and Solomon Davydov, possess a wealth of experience in the retail sector of real estate. They have successfully owned and operated three thriving real estate firms, housing over 120 licensed real estate agents/brokers with a collective experience of over 250 years. Their exceptional track record includes managing and selling over $300 million worth of real estate annually. Their success was even recognized by Real Deal Magazine, which featured our firm, EXIT REALTY FIRST CHOICE, among the top 10 real estate offices in Queens.

Meet Our Leader

Over the years, Jonathan Davydov projects have ranged from mixed-use developments and luxury condominiums to affordable housing initiatives and commercial complexes. His ability to navigate complex zoning regulations, secure financing, and manage construction processes has contributed to the success of numerous ambitious projects that has reshaped the Tri State Area. Jonathan’s day to day operations as a real estate developer involves a blend of strategic planning, project management, financial analysis, and relationship building. He regularly scouts potential development sites considering factors such as location, market demand, zoning regulations, and far more. He collaborates closely with architects, designers, as well as manages and oversees various construction sites to ensure top quality standards.


We turn vision into reality through innovative and sustainable real estate development, creating exceptional properties that inspire and deliver long-term value. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


Our vision is to be a leading force in the construction and real estate development industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Why Choose Us

  • Collective Ideas

    Fostering Innovation Through Collaborative Thinking

  • Accomplishments

    A Proven Track Record of Success and Completed Projects

  • Trustworthy

    Building Trust through Reliability, Transparency, and Integrity

  • Experience

    Decades of Expertise and Knowledge in Above-Ground Construction

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